The Biden Administration has caused us to free-fall into a recession. To fix this we must:
-We need to eliminate taxes on food & fuel since those are necessities.
-We need reciprocity in International Trade. Uphold tariffs on China and other currency manipulators
-Support the use of Anti-Trust laws to break up Big Tech monopolies
-Oppose any tax increase, whether direct or indirect, on US citizens
-Reduce Federal through tax cuts to increase revenue and foster job creation
-Defund the UN, WHO and other wasteful and corrupt bureaucracies
-Oppose the Paris Climate Accord and other “climate” agreements that unfairly target the US economy while ignoring the worst offenders
-Defund efforts to defend foreign borders and fund efforts to address the lawless US southern border
-Oppose needless foreign wars and use the “peace dividend” to address domestic needs, like balancing the budget
-Vote against any budget whereby expenditures exceed revenues
-Oppose wasteful vote-buying “Stimulus” packages that devalue our currency and burden future generations
-Support deregulation of the US Energy sector to bring down fuel costs and reduce dependence on foreign suppliers
-Defund the IRS by supporting the Fair Tax or another flat tax plan that empowers voters
-Support initiatives to increase US fuel refinery capabilities

Foreign Policy

America’s economy and public safety must be protected. Luna supports immigration, so long as immigrants enter legally and in a way that ensures the overall safety and security of citizens.  Immigration should be reformed to fast-track legal status, so entering illegally is no longer attempted. Luna also believes that anyone seeking refuge should remain in U.S. embassies, and refrain from illegally crossing our borders. She fiercely opposes open-border policies that leave our nation’s economy strained, and increases threats to our local and national safety.

Luna believes our Country has suffered long enough from the economic and psychological strains of war.  America is not the “world police”.  As she has said before, Trump era policies, when it comes to foreign matters must be restored and upheld by representatives who share the same strength President Trump has.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ blunder of the century, the Surrender in Afghanistan, leaving American Citizens and our allies as food for the terroristic dogs, should make clear that we are under a regime that cares nothing for America’s people!  Biden/Harris/Pelosi must be impeached!


Luna believes a strong education is the foundation for successful life choices, and paves the way for financial success. CRT in the school’s curriculum is unacceptable! Luna will hold a high bar for Florida’s 4th district – she will make them stand on their tip-toes, if need be, to drastically improve overall school ratings and test scores. CRT is just a distraction to keep your attention away from the fact that our school systems are failing our children!  Furthermore, she believes the sexualization of children in schools, due to the LGBTQ agenda, is unacceptable. She will work hard to ensure teachers are fulfilling their obligation to focus ONLY on RWA– READING, WRITING, & ARITHMETIC! She will also work hard to protect children from political agendas infiltrating the school system, AND FIGHT for the PARENTS’ RIGHT to control what is being taught to our children.


Luna is Pro-life.  She believes that abortion should be rare & safe.

Although Roe vs. Wade limited abortions after 15 weeks, the Liberals took a mile when they were given an inch, allowing full-term babies to die of neglect on cold, metal tables after a full-term birth! This is disgusting! So, the overturning of Roe vs. Wade was positive for establishing limited government.  Overturning Roe Vs. Wade, gave that power back to the States and their communities to decide if it should be banned or limited. The Federal Government has no business hand-cuffing the States.  Limited government protects the State’s right to govern themselves.

Second Amendment

It is the natural-born right of all men and women to be able to protect and defend their families and property.

Luna believes in nationwide constitutional-carry and increasing the availability of free and low-cost firearms safety training, and situational-awareness safety training, especially in low-income areas.  Think about it, no one will go into a school a shoot up children when there is an ARMED staff.  

The Fight Against Corruption

Luna is a strong believer in holding the government accountable when it comes to caring for citizens! When any government office refuses to hear its citizens or operate on the grounds of transparency – CORRUPTION is the word that rings loud and clear! 

Luna vows to fight against corruption happening on the local level, and the national level, using her congressional abilities to light a fire under the bellies of those who are pushing socialist, leftist agendas and the  mishandling the taxpayer’s dollars! It’s your dollar, so you decide how your city & country uses it!


Luna holds to the constitutional standard of minimal government interference in the individual’s natural rights and in the states’ right to govern themselves. Anything more than the constitution is an over-reach of power.

America First

Luna believes that America and its citizens must come FIRST! 

Restoring Trump-era Policies is of paramount importance.  Under Trump’s administration, Americans were thriving!  America’s economy should be self sustaining; dependance on outside energy, goods, and materials only cripples Americans and takes away from her sovereignty. 

Patriotism– the love of country & countrymen, should be encouraged, incubated, and nurtured, especially in our school system.  Patriotism is what keeps us united as AMERICANS, fighting the same fights together, lock-stepped, and crushes the psychological operation deployed on America to cause division.  We must stand together, and look after each other first, or America will no longer be the Light of the World, but rather, the target of the World.