Meet Luna

An American Story

Luna Lopez was born Leigha Garner in Atlanta, Georgia summer of 1985 to a working-class, mixed-race family. She was uniquely raised by an Afro-Asian immigrant mother from Trinidad, & a Scottish/Irish/Welsh-Scandinavian American-born Father, providing her with an understanding of different backgrounds, cultures, & economic classes.

She & her husband, who is Cuban-American, moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, & are proud to raise their children in the Sunshine State.

Growing up in Suwanee, Georgia to a family of humble means, Luna learned the value of hard work & determination. From a very young age, she held many household responsibilities, such as growing food in the garden, working livestock, & taking care of the family’s guard dogs. It was also up to Luna to sew her own clothes, help with the building of the family home, dispose of garbage, & chop firewood. One of Luna’s most memorable gifts was an axe at age 10. When she was 14, she received a chainsaw.

Luna has always had an innate desire to do good and help the less fortunate. Growing up, this found expression in taking time from household responsibilities to care for hurt animals she came across.

Throughout her life, Luna has identified with the oppressed & also strived to be independent in the face of adversity. She became a victim of severe bullying in school and entered a long-lasting stage of shyness. This prompted Luna to exit the public school system & gain employment at the age of 14. She went on to save for her first car and pay for her own private high-school education. Luna was able to complete her education while balancing work and family responsibilities.

After high school, Luna spent 17 years of her life as a professional cosmetologist. This career choice put her in intimate contact with thousands of people from all walks of life. Luna’s immeasurable capacity to listen to & understand people regardless of their race, sex, or background led her to such great success in her field that she was able to leave the security of her job & create her own business. Without investors, loans, or handouts, Luna built an immediately successful enterprise through hard work, determination, & an ability to calculate risk.


On April 12th, 2017, Luna experienced a life-changing rebirth. She was born & raised in a tightly-controlled family environment that did not allow her to have any political affiliation, vote in any election, or take any employment within the government.

Despite family opposition, Luna’s overwhelming compassionate desire to see all people be free & prosperous, coupled with the strength received from God through prayer, she made her decision to enter University & study Psychology, which would later equip her with the tools necessary to take on servant leadership.

She then began a journey to make impactful changes for all people. As Luna started to research political systems & policies, she recognized that, through her studies in Psychology, a large portion of government and politicians have been slowly brainwashing citizens to accept heavier government control.

But Luna understood that a desire to do good alone isn’t enough to defeat the hidden players in the system working to reduce Americans’ constitutional rights. She knew what she needed to prepare for the journey ahead. Her educational credentials include:

  • Job Corp—Home Health Aide Certification
  • Keiser University—Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with studies in Abnormal Psychology, Victimology, Criminology, & Deviant Behavior
  • HarvardX—Certified in Neuroscience
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member

Upon examining the most hard-hitting issues that affect our country, Luna found that the Republican Party encompasses all of her core beliefs; it governs based on facts, stands with the individual, & is for the people, not the Establishment. The GOP believes that everyone has the right to succeed. The modern Democrat Party, on the other hand, is now firmly on the side of oppression & manipulation.

As a result, Luna joined the Republican Party, becoming elected to the office of Precinct Committeewoman.

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A Calling

She is now on a journey to unite a country at war with itself, a journey to upend the current elite-controlled system so that the people’s voice can ring loud.

Luna promises she will approach all major issues in this country just as she has approached all other areas of her life, with both structure and compassionate understanding. She will work to reestablish all of the values this country has lost which once made us great, while always leading with balance and understanding.

Luna does not fear offending anyone with the truth. She does not bend when it comes to her convictions. Just as she took ownership of what she believed in despite family opposition, she will help Americans take power over their country back from bureaucratic “cult” leaders in government, bringing the nation to a new awakening.

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